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Hello and welcome to my Electronic Empire. This is a place to discover a little about me and my interests - and to share some of the fun places I've discovered on the web. This page is like the hub, the town square of the Empire with signposts pointing to other interesting areas.

I will update this page now and then, but if you want the very latest, check out What's New Dave ? This is where you'll find the latest gossip. I will try to keep the What's New Dave? page as up to date as possible.

"You can teach a turkey to climb a tree, but it is easier to hire a squirrel."

That is the sort of quote you want if you happened to find this page while looking for information on my namesake, the famous psychologist. I had a lot of mail asking if we were related and it seemed that there was nothing about him on the web. So, with a little help, I created a page for this other David McClelland. He was quite the guy, so why not check it out? David McClelland, Psychologist. He isn't a relation, just in case you were wondering. And I know nothing about psychology, so please don't ask me any technical questions.

If you're looking for information on other McClelland's, you may be interested in this - The McClelland Page. You'll find links to history and genealogy pages and sites for other people named McClelland... and MacLellan and all the other variations. And there's a list you can add your name to if you're looking for help locating branches of your family tree.

About Me

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I was born in Sheffield, England, moved to Canada in 1987 and I am now back in the UK, living and working in Lancashire.

I'm a professional actor - a member of Equity UK, CAEA (Canadian Actors' Equity Association) and ACTRA, the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists.

I have three lovely children, Benjamin, Sophie and Joseph. I am divorced.


My three lovely children.

Theatre & Film

For the latest details on where I am working, click here

My first love (after the kids!) is the stage. When I arrived in Canada, I worked steadily with Live Bait Theatre in Sackville, New Brunswick. I returned to Live Bait in 2003 to be part of the 16th Season, as both General Manager and actor. In 2003 I played TV hockey host Don Berry in Home and Away, a new musical by Charlie Rhindress and Dean Burry. I also played Sir Frank Bentley in We Happy Few, a new play by Mark Blagrave. Jane and I also wrote a dinner theatre show - Beach Party - It was a big hit in the summer. I designed the originalweb page for Live Bait - the address is...www.livebaittheatre.com

MeI was a regular at Neptune Theatre in Halifax. In the 1999/2000 season, I played Frank in The Memory of Water and The Charities Commissioner in The Government Inspector. In the previous season, I played Henry Pulling and a host of other characters in the four-man show, Travels With My Aunt. I've also appeared in Romeo and Juliet, Entertaining Mr. Sloane, The Winslow Boy, The Secret Garden, Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, A Christmas Carol and My Fair Lady - a co-production with Montreal's Centaur Theatre.

I returned twice in the 2000/2001 season, playing Fezziwig in Scrooge and a host of characters in the hit show The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged). I returned home from Neptune December 23rd after a very successful run of Beauty and The Beast, a play by Warren Graves, directed by Jean Morpurgo. I played Beauty's father, Blotti... Mr. Beauty perhaps?

Most recently at Neptune Theatre, in November 2003, I had the pleasure of playing The Narrator in The Rocky Horror Show. It was an amazing production and I had lots of fun, despite having boring yelled at me every night!

I also worked in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, at The Atlantic Theatre Festival, where I spent the summers of 1996, 1998 and 2000, appearing in Sam Slick Goes Ahead (a new 4-man play by Andrew Gillis), The Matchmaker, Othello, Twelfth Night, She Stoops to Conquer, Amadeus, Macbeth and the musical revue, High Notes.

Charles Durning and yours truly on the set of The Secret Life of Algernon.

2001 was a busy year for film and television work. I appeared in the first episode of the 4th series of Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories. (I'd also appeared in episodes 1 and 4 of the first season), I had a very nice role in Leslie Nielson's Liocracy, playing Mirko, a heavy-metal roadie. I played two roles in the feature film Turning Paige from writer/director Robert Cuffley and in November I had a nice day on the set of Past Perfect by writer/director Daniel McIvor.

2003 was a pretty crazy year too. I had a nice role in the CBC TV movie Shattered City - The Halifax Explosion. I played the Shipping Manager who sent the ship Mont Blanc to sea packed with explosives.

2005 has been good so far with roles in the CBC TV movie Canada Russia '72 and the Liftetime TV Series Beach Girls.

2006 has been amazing so far with roles in the the short film and pop video WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN (Arctic Monkeys) and British soap EMMERDALE.

In September '99, I had a principal role in The Prince and The Grail, a docu-drama for Vision Television. I played Father Nicholas Hay. I had a small role in the T-V movie Pit Pony, featured on CBC T-V in December '97. I also had a few days work on a feature film called The Secret Life Of Algernon. I helped the star, John Cullum (he's a two-time Tony winner and played Holling on Northern Exposure) learn his lines, and I was the stand-in for Hollywood and Broadway great, Charles Durning. It was a wonderful experience.

Over the years, I've met a few famous people and I have a few signed photos on my wall. I've scanned a few for you and here they are... I'm a fan!!!.

Aside from stage and film, I've been pretty busy in Radio. I worked with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over five years. I've been a host, announcer and contributor with the Information Morning and Mainstreet shows in Moncton, New Brunswick - and my work has been heard on other shows such as Maritime Magazine and Morningside. I got my start in radio in Sackville, New Brunswick, as Manager of Mount Allison University's Campus Station, CHMA... a great radio station with "50 Watts of Raw Power!" And I was a weekend News Reader with CKDH Radio in Amherst.



I have finally started Dave's Family Album... a page dedicated to my family, featuring pictures and brief stories. There is much work to do yet, but I began with a few old photographs to get me started.

Yours truly with Angus, the family pooch


Other areas of family history are covered in a page dedicated to my maternal grandfather, Stanley Rowe Mercer. Before his death, he started working on his memoirs. He died before he could complete the work, but I was able to take his notes and print them in a small booklet for family members. I have now transformed his notes for viewing on the internet. The results are here - Memoirs of a Railwayman by Stanley Rowe Mercer.

As a follow-up to the memoirs, I have also created a page called Stanley and Pansy Mercer, which details some of their later life together. This again is a work in progress and will be enhanced when time permits.

I have also created The McClelland Page, a site that features lots of links to McClelland family history and other people called McClelland. It's a fascinating ancient clan, so why not take a look? There is a feature there called Find a McClelland. if you're trying to research your family history, I will post your request there for McClellands all over the world to see.



Beer! Yes, I love a beer. Or two. Drinking one as I write this in fact - an Alexander Keith's India Pale. Yummy. I also brew my own beer - I love the stuff. You should see the Christmas parties at our place!

But my favourite beer has to be Guinness. The cans of Draught are excellent for those of us unable to find the real thing. The Guinness site is worth a visit - they have some neat give-aways, including a nifty screen-saver.

And I love Boddingtons!!! Hence this shamless plea for beer if you've found this website useful or fun.


If you enjoyed this page or found it useful and would like to express thanks in a tangible manner, a can of Boddington's is always appreciated.

Buy me a beer using PayPal with your Visa or Mastercard by clicking here - PayPal - Buy Dave a Boddies!

I'll raise a glass to you when I open the can and pour the Boddies!

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Thanks for the Boddies :
Milt McClelland, UK



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